Locked Eyes Save Lives

Communities thrive when pedestrians and motorists work together.

A total of 15 pedestrians died in Reno in 2019, the highest number since 2016, and a rate that is higher than the national average. In addition, there were 23 students hit in non-fatal crashes during the same time period. A public campaign needed to be developed that made safety the responsibility of both pedestrians and motorists. It needed to remind motorists that while they may feel safe in their vehicles, they are driving 1.5 tons of metal and rubber towards people. Additionally, it needed to address that there is an ever-increasing number of distractions for both motorists and pedestrians. And lastly, that pedestrians cannot assume that if they have the right-of-way that they will be seen.

Drawing focus to the importance of human connection and putting a “people first” perspective into play, “Locked Eyes Save Lives” encourages motorists and pedestrians to communicate through the visual cue of acknowledging one another through eye contact. This campaign drives the importance of human cooperation and communication and focuses on the positive outcome of doing so. Through a combination of traditional and digital paid media, organic and paid social media, public relations, and community partnerships, The Abbi Agency is working with RTC Washoe County to reverse this trend.

Don't Kill A Dream

The Don't Kill A Dream campaign focuses on life’s biggest moments, such as taking an exotic vacation or marrying the love of your life. These dreams can be shattered in an instant on our roads because of another driver’s bad decision.

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Neighborhood Speeding Campaign

Download your own speeding campaign sign.

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Dusk to Dawn

The Vision Zero Truckee Meadows (VZTM) is a regional task force and we are working to make our roads safer for everyone. In 2019 there were 284 traffic fatalities on Nevada roads. Thirty-five traffic fatalities occurred right here in Washoe County and 16 of those were pedestrian fatalities. These are our friends, our families, and our neighbors.

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